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Being a Supportive Parent
• Help your child take care of their body. The right food, plenty of rest and water.
• Encourage your child to do the best they can, everyday.
• Encourage your child to put the team first. Football is tough because it asks the members of the team to put everyone ahead of themselves which is not a natural instinct.
• Issues affecting your child’s attitude and performance should be brought to the coaches’ attention by email or face to face conversation.
• Issues related to playing time and touching the ball should be handled by the player and the coach. This is a coaches’ decision.
• Encourage your child to never give up and see the football season through. Don't let quitting  be an option. Football is a tough sport but the skills they develop will help your child to make better choices later in life.
• Do your part by helping on the sidelines or fundraising. Volunteering to help out is mandatory and failing to meet your volunteer obligations will result in your child missing playing time.
• Getting to practice on time is the parent’s responsibility, keeping up with equipment, filling water bottles etc., is the responsibility of the player.


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