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Being a Supportive Parent

  1. I will be a sideline coach or referee.  I will limit my comments to positive reinforcement and encouragement to my child and his teammates.

  2. I will lead by example in exhibiting sportsmanship and fair play at every practice and game competition.  I will encourage this behavior from other coaches, players, officials, parents and supporters

  3. I will do my part by helping out in fundraising and game day volunteering. Volunteering is and set out by your team manager. I will discuss any conflicts with my team manager. Failure to meet your volunteer obligations may result in your child missing playtime.

  4. I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of a personal desire to win.  Winning should be the result of preparation, hard work and discipline.

  5. If my child develops a behavior-related problem that repeatedly disrupts practice and/or games, I promise to work with my child’s coach to resolve the problem.

  6. I will do my very best to make football fun for my child and his teammates.

  7. I promise to treat other fans, coaches, players, and officials with respect, regardless of race, sex, or ability, and I will expect to be treated the same in return.

  8. I will engage in physical or verbal confrontations with players, coaches, officials or fans before, during or after practices or game competitions.

  9. I will refrain from the use of foul or offensive language.

  10. I will provide encouragement to my child and teammates.  I will refrain from making negative comments to my child or his teammates.

  11. I will support the coaches and officials working with my child in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

  12. I will be gracious in victory and dignified in defeat.

  13. I will remember that the game is for my child and their teammates, not for adults.

  14. As a fan, I represent the not only KCFS but the city of Kamloops.  I understand that any concerns about officiating and/or coaching at any time must be directed to the team manager please honour the 24 hour rule.  I also understand that poor behavior during practices, games, may result in expulsion from the football complex, where I must wait next to my car in the parking area for my child.  If this occurs, it may result in expulsion from the club


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