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There is always a volunteer with First Aid training present on the field.



All coaches are certified in the "Making Headway course" and "Making Ethical Decisions"

Coaches must go through a application process to coach.


Purpose:​ ​Sport activities are a common source of concussion in youth. While most young players will recover fully from a concussion, those that continue to play while experiencing symptoms or who return to play too quickly following their injury risk longer-term health problems and perhaps even permanent disability or death. It is important to provide coaches, parents, and other interested persons with the knowledge needed to recognize a possible concussion and to respond appropriately in situations involving youth concussion.

Assessment:​ Concussions can be a very serious condition if not prevented or managed properly. ​Kamloops Community Football Society is taking the stance that every concussion is a serious condition and that we must take the appropriate steps to safeguard against and treat concussions in all our football programs.



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